Feature Fashion Shows

  • Los Angeles Fashion Week

    An awesome day at the G'day USA event. Fashion designers, fashion buyers, retail industry, Media & Fashion bloggers, hospitality and food & wine Industry representatives. All gathered here.

  • Chicago Fashion Show

    The designers who were able to best promote Chicago’s fashion as unique were those who worked a wholesome. It has been a pleasure being there.

  • New York Fashion Show

    This was an awesome event in New York. Enjoyed and seen some of the top designers from last Milan Fashion Week!

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Welcome to velascoagustin.com my personal Website. Here you will find a variety of information regarding technology trend and life style.

My entire life has been working in the computer industry. I have learned a lot of advanced tricks on how to revive a dead computer and things like that. In fact I owned a data recovery lab since year 2000 my customers included Sony, Chanel 5 and other fortune 500 companies. The data recovery lab was sold in 2015.

No, I do not have a formal education like many of those who go to college or university. My entire education has been self-learning I have mastered all operating system; learned the ins and outs of every file system available in the computer industry. Within my experience I published several books on Linux Systems. The first editions are still floating the internet. (Agustin's Linux Manual)

The industry has changed dramatically and computer companies were closing their business and soon thousands of people were left unemployed, including me. At the time, I was maintaining several websites including Disklaboratory and Laptoplaboratory.

By mid-2015, I was unemployed and unable to find a decent job. I realized that I was a SEO service Expert; without really knowing it. I discovered that my expertise was equally if not superior to specialized SEO companies in the industry. Laptoplaboratory.com was and still ranking on page one on Google based on the work that I have done. I jumped on my computer and started to screen and compared websites that offered SEO Services. To my surprise I found out that many so called SEO service Experts or SEO service Specialist were not even come close to what SEO services really are.

At this right moment, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  My new career was born. I became a SEO Service Specialist! I officially created Microweb360.com in 2016.

With SEO services, often I am forced to redesign websites of my clients with the purpose to make the site compliance with the standards and of course to integrate latest technologies tools and features. As a web developer I created one of the most advanced ecommerce platform which I integrate with many customers in Los Angeles Downtown: Fashion District. My combined work experience makes me now a web developer, seo service specialist and blogger. I love what I do and I hope you will be able to find something good or cool in my blogging sections. Please share my post if you like them.

Thanks for stopping by.


Agustin Velasco