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website not found on Google

Well certainly, to make a website show up on Google search it is not simple as many think. Every website created worldwide must follow the standards in order to make it a good website. Programmers of course always fail in creating good websites.

In the web development industry there are good and bad developers. I am not sure I actually can say that there are bad developers; perhaps there is a reason to everything. The bottom line here is to make a website show up on Google search it must be developed properly, however 80% of websites I have analyzed are poorly developed and lacks the meta-data.

In reality developing a website is only the beginning, most web developers don't get paid to optimize the website due to the complexity and time consuming factor. Website optimization is a full time job and often on-going projects. But my opinion is, they should tell the website owner that they should contract someone specialized in the SEO Industry.

If website owners were educated from the beginning, they probably wouldn't be disappointed and maybe they would not be facing the issue of website not found on Google. Most website owners think that once you build it they will come, it doesn't work like that!
To correct the issues of every website not found on Google, strategic website marketing must be used which is referred to as seo services. To have a successful business online, website owners must invest in website marketing